Post Election Update

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blocks that Uncle Nick and Uncle Mike gave Wip came in handy over the past few weeks.

So we all know the results of the election by now (if anyone knows me, my husband, or my family we were very happy with the way it turned out...there, I said it). Wip also had an election in his classroom in which the students voted if they like elephants or donkeys. Elephants won by a landslide. Wip told me he voted for the elephant and I was ok with that (he developed a love for elephants before he was two years old, his Granddaddy bought him an elephant at the Greenbrier toy shop that he named Po Po). 

We finally got to have that family dinner I had talked about in an earlier post. It happened to be election night. I made a spaghetti squash carbonara and tried to fool the boys into thinking it was just plain ol' spaghetti (Duncan took the bait, Wip did not). Our conversation, of course, was all about the presidential election. I asked Wip who he would vote for and without missing a beat he said "Mitt Romney!". I thought his father was going to choke. Good thing it is a free country. 

Speaking of country, in the spirit of the election I wanted to also share how much Wip has come around with his Pledge of Allegiance skills. My favorite part about him reciting it (which he does often) is that it always ends with "sit down". Obviously his class has specific instructions after they give their oath of loyalty to the United States.