Devil with the Blue Dress On

Monday, November 26, 2012

During rest time yesterday, Wip was being extremely quiet. This usually means that I have left my iPad in his reach and he is zoned out to Winnie the Pooh. Not today. When I walked into his room I came upon him trying to put my Tibi dress on with such determination. I could not help but giggle and help him get the dress on. Just like the song, he was my Devil with the Blue Dress On.

This is how I found him

With a little help he was ready to go

Just a dancing fool
In other "dress" news, I got back the outfit for Hunter and it could not have turned out better.  I love it and he will look adorable.  I took Sarah (who is ridiculously reasonable, and extremely good) a sample of what I was thinking with one of Patrick's old outfits.  As you can see, she did a fantastic I just can't wait to see him in it:)