Basketball and The Boss

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I was reminded of many things on Saturday.

We started Wip's basketball league with the YMCA and I was reminded that Wip clearly has zero interest in sports.
Wip before basketball pretending to be tough

Wip liked hanging on the goal more than taking shots on the goal
I was reminded that Duncan would give anything to play the sport of basketball.
Duncan wants the ball

Hey, where did everyone go?
Patrick and I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert and I was reminded that I really enjoy hanging out with my husband.
Made it 
I was reminded that the KCD Class of 2018 (current 7th graders) is a group of kids with good taste.  Not only did we run into a few of the boys from the class on the way to our seats, but also while taking a video a girl from that class showed up on the big screen.

I was reminded that Bruce Springsteen can not only make body surfing look good, but he is a good man. During the show he paused to remember Clarence Clemons (sax player) who passed away last year. Some of the pictures brought tears to my eyes. His legacy lives on through his nephew who was hired as his replacement...he is a talent!
Finally, I was reminded to always listen to my mother (one of The Boss's biggest fans).  I told her I was a little nervous because he performed the benefit concert the night before and I was afraid he would not be on his game. She informed me that Bruce would never disappoint. She was right (of course).