Could Not Imagine

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving morning I was getting ready and listening to the boys play in Wip's room. Patrick came to the bottom of the stairs and delivered some terrible news. A friend's brother had died in a car accident. I was stunned, shocked, and sad. While I did not know this young man, I knew that he was part of a wonderful family and loved very much. I knew that he was a brother and son to some pretty fantastic folks, and I knew that I could not imagine what they were feeling.

I can't stop thinking about this young man's mother. I can't stop thinking about how she raised two wonderful young men and how you should not outlive your children. I can't stop thinking about how she wiped his boo boo's when he was little, just as I had done with Duncan that morning. How she tried to teach him the difference between toddler grammar and regular grammar when he was a little boy just like I was trying to teach Wip the difference between saying "mommy, what you said?" to "mommy, what did you say?". How she watched her boys on the playground and that moment when she did not have to hover over to keep them safe and she could just let them play, just like I have recently done with the boys. Finally, I could not stop thinking about how she raised two boys. Two boys that were so different, yet had an incredible bond just like Wip and Duncan. Two boys that I hope my boys will grow up to be like, loving, caring, and fun. Brothers forever.

So this Thanksgiving season I am just going to take a few more minutes to hug those that I love and know that I am blessed beyond belief to have such wonderful family and friends that surround me. I will not take it for granted. Never ever.