Friday, November 16, 2012

This post is a wee bit late. The homecoming dance was over a month ago on October 13, 2012.

I was so proud of David. He was only in the country a month, but he had the guts to ask one of the prettiest girls to the homecoming dance.

I remember going to pick up the corsage that afternoon at Colonial Design. The place was hoppin' with young men and mothers doing the exact same thing that I was doing (it was also Trinity Homecoming the same night). I watched as the young men sheepishly opened the corsage boxes to make sure it was the correct order as mothers chatted about where their sons were going to dinner and who they were taking. I got a little rush when I opened the box and knew it was going to be perfect. I also took a gulp thinking about the fact that it won't be long before Wip and Duncan will be in this exact same boat!

Here are some snapshots from the night. Fun was had by all!
Trying to get all of the boys together

This was the best I could do

Steppin' out 

David's date

So cute!

Group shot!