Have You Seen Moonlight?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

This movie will stick with me forever. It was brutal, it was raw, it was beautiful. After seeing the film I found myself seeking and reading anything I could get my hands on about the film and it was this NY Times piece that made me realize that it was really a story about a mother and her son. In my opinion (and I have not seen La La Land) it deserved that statue. 

So, how are you? It has been a while...sorry about that. I gotta tell you, life has been busy. But in the best way possible. 

Patrick had this portrait done of the boys for my anniversary gift. CHERISH IT. I will be looking/loving this for years to come. Thank you @christinehebert!  You are amazing! Interested? Contact christineheb2011@gmail.com for commission inquiries...worth every penny!

We went to the Manatee Festival...turns out manatees are pretty boring and just lay there, but it was still a fun day.

Wip continues to ROCK in school...library is his favorite subject. He is currently going through about 3-5 chapter books a week....he seriously cannot get enough. Somebody pinch me. 

Oh, and in addition to a zoo keeper he has decided he also wants to be a DJ #goals

Duncan celebrated 100 days at school....with a half-hearted attempt at a self portrait.

Sometimes we get these notes home and I just scratch my head and wonder who he is in one classroom to the next....it is hard to deny that he is not cute and funny so at least the teachers with a sense of humor will hopefully get him:) 

I was super proud of the Valentines that I made for the boys this year...

We spent a Saturday experiencing all of the art experiences that Orlando has to offer (turns out that it is quite a bit)...this is at the art museum in front of a Georgia O'Keefe painting...clearly Wip was more into his book:) We wrapped up the day with ice cream (of course!). 

 I got a haircut...after and before:) 

Mr. Mulloy celebrated a birthday and I had his advisee group come in to decorate his office...and they did (they truly love him if they were willing to get up at 6:00am). 

Wip wrote a play....

And was given his bible during his Holy Communion lessons

Wip's JFF (Jelly Fudge Friend - 6th Grade Buddy) sent him this postcard when he went to D.C. and it just hit home how lucky Wip is to have such amazing people in his life.

Duncan continues to try and practice kindness....

After getting in trouble at school a few times I got this text one night when Duncan snuck up to the neighbors house to play...I just LOL at her last text...he sure can play up the Eddie Haskell role:) 

Wip still loves animals

Wip is also ROCKING it in piano....he loves learning and music is something that he is passionate about. 

Duncan's work of art

 I can tell Wip is a good friend. We get these kinds of notes/signals all of the time.

 Patrick got me this for Valentines Day and I can't stop laughing at what they put for the shipping address...GLORIOUS!
 We finally got these two back together and it just flashed the teenage years before my eyes!
 I am helping out with the girls lacrosse team and I must say...while exhausting...it is so nice to be around the girls.

Finally....Duncan. Thank goodness for Duncan. He has been brushing his hair before school and this is the end result. Ironically it looks just like the hair of his buddy that he has not been making the best decisions with lately....Duncan, please, please never change. 
That is all for now...next up Jackson Hole, WY!

Tis the Season

Sunday, December 25, 2016

"Holidays" by Duncan 
 December has been busy and it did not disappoint. Another Christmas in the books and I wish I could keep my boys this age forever. The joy, the traditions, the togetherness. My heart is full.
We got out the decorations on December 1st. 

Patrick celebrated Dinosaur Day with Duncan at Park Maitland 

We went to the tree lighting in downtown Orlando (it was terrible) 

Off to Home Depot for the holiday craft

This how someone looks when you find out the wait to see Santa is 5 hours (not kidding!) 

Tree Trimmings 

The boys created goodie bags for us and Duncan said that this was my family (Grams, Poppy, Aunt Kelly, and me)

Patrick got to catch up with dear family friends in Atlanta 

Wip's first piano recital 

He rocked it...check out the video here

Then it was Duncan's turn with his first violin recital check out the footage here 

Holiday parties are awesome 

D's crew 

It does snow in Florida! 

We had our team holiday party at Black Hammock...watch out visitors...this will be on the list!

Playdates that included gingerbread house decorating 

Our neighbors gave us this which is like lifesize legos and AWESOME!  Entertainment for hours. 

Holiday Art by Wip 

This was one of my faves...a color by number piece by Wip 

Duncan made this for me and asked me if he spelled everything correctly....I said yes. 

This was the back and I think he was trying to tell me that I am his Mage. I will take it. 

This is what I plan on doing a lot of over the break (gotta get ready for this!) 
We made cookies for Santa and during the baking Duncan told me that it smelled like dough then followed it up with "you know like doe, ray, me" ...he sure does make me laugh 

Another good laugh was when the boys pretended to be Elves on the Shelf..Patrick and I had to find them and my elf was Ernie (Wip) and Patrick's elf was Jerry (Duncan)...yes, they took the names from their own elf and William's elf:) 

Duncan put up all of the cards on his own. I was floored when he told me that we should put a family (that he has seen one time) next to the Falling Creek card because they are a Falling Creek family (which they are)...he is so freaking observant even though he will make you think differently.

Doing a Florida snow angels 

The boys rocked the pageant at All Saints as shepherd 2 and 3  

Merry, Merry

When we walked out to see if Santa came Duncan said: "and I thought I was on the naughty list!!!" 

Found this massive rainbow on the way home from seeing "Sing" 

And to all a good night...

Before I close can I please let everyone know how sad I am about this? You have no idea how many times I played the Wham! tape while dancing around my room, or singing Freedom '90 at the top of my lungs, and don't even get me started on Faith. RIP George Michael...thanks for the memories.