18 Months

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The graduation ceremony to 2% milk
We went to Duncan's 18 month check up last week. The appointment time was 1:30pm (not really thinking when I made that one). He was passed out as they were trying to weigh him and take his temperature. All is good and the nurse said that he is doing great. We came out of the appointment with these stats:

Weight: 28 lbs, 12 oz-75%
Height: 33.5 inches-75-90%
Head circumference: 20 inches-95% (gotta love the Mulloy genes:)

Ms. Blair also mentioned in the nicest way that we could make the switch from whole milk to 2% milk.  I grew up drinking 2%, but for some reason this was like telling me that my kids were grown. It was almost as if she said "you will be packing up Duncan's stuff next week to move him into the dorm".  I know, I know, slow down, it is only milk. But still. If someone figures out how to freeze time, I sure hope they fill me in on the secret.

Inspecting dinner

Trying it out

Seems ok