Thursday, November 1, 2012

I know I am going to take back this statement after a few weeks of old man winter, but I kind of like being in the cozy indoors.

Today, in my head, I had planned out for us to have a puppet show when D woke from his nap. I got everything set up, but the puppet show never happened.

Instead the 5 second attention span that my children possess allowed us to play a WIDE range of games, many of which included tickling (who does not love the sound of little people laughing?).

This game is pretty simple. You just put this mesh bucket on your head and walk around like a robot. It is a crowd pleaser for sure!
Hey Everybody...I'm a Robot
Slip and Slide:
You need a leather couch for this one. Just have your kids lay on the couch and pull them back and forth inserting a few tickle bugs along the way.  This was definitely the longest running game of the afternoon. 
This is D's new trick when you tell him to say cheese
One minute there is a ghost in the house and then the next we were all under the sheet because it was a tent!

Wip, is that you?
Puppet Show
While the boys took a moment to read books, I just had my own puppet show:) 



Tracy Amin said...

I love that you are having a puppet show by yourself!