Monday, November 12, 2012

I don't have perfect kids. I don't want perfect kids. I want two boys that are well rounded, grow up to love what they do while respecting the people and community that surrounds them (is that too much to ask?).

It is progress report time, and I am really digging the word "progress" report instead of "report card". Progress is something you grow into, it says I am not perfect, I am working on things.

I politely declined the conference with Duncan's teacher (I mean really, he is 17 months old). Wip's conference went really well and while she told me that he was a sweet and smart, she also told me some things that we can work on (which I appreciate).

The first was his fine motor skills (using scissors, coloring, etc.).  I must admit, I am not very creative when it comes to things like this...I would much prefer to mess up the kitchen and get a cookie out of the deal rather than watch him color or cut.

The next thing was to work on his "picking up after himself". I completely understand this. I am terrible about having him pick up after himself.  The only time I am a true stickler is in the bathtub and that is only because while he is picking up his bath toys I can get his brother ready for bed so it is a win/win. Ms. Jan told me that she can always tell when Wip has been in the classroom because there are a trail of animals where ever he goes.

So here you have it. Progress reports for each of the boys. I could not be happier.