These moments

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanks to my complete obsession (I hope that does not sound too creepy) with the blog Whoorl, I went out last night and bought some new make up to freshen up my look. I was excited to wake up this morning and try out my new products when I realized I had to get three boys out the door and pick up a young girl on the way to school (picture the Home Alone face at this very moment). I failed miserably.

Patrick is at the Senior Retreat and I have a new found respect (love) for him. He manages to get Wip and Duncan fed, dressed, teeth brushed, and beds made while also making David's breakfast and getting out the door to drop the boys off at school and get to work/school before the bell rings. I was lucky that the boys had socks on I was such a frazzled mess. We were also 10 minutes late. Oh joy! The mornings are meant to be "me" time and there was nothing more that made me appreciate that "me" time than this morning.

I went down to the cafeteria for my third cup of tea when I was met with one of the most kind and special co-workers I have ever met. She lost her husband last year to a brain tumor and has two of the most amazing kids (one is in college, one is a senior this year). As I am busy feeling sorry for myself for being late and frazzled, she is spending the first Thanksgiving without her rock. We talk about her daughter, and the experience we both hope she is having at the Senior Retreat, and then get into the craziness of families, fun, and how special it is for cousins to bond. She looked at me and without blinking said "cherish this time". Whatever you do, she said, cherish the moments of almost forgetting the sock or thinking about everyone running around trying to get everything done. You will look back and think "ahhh, that was the best!". I walked away with my hot tea and tears in my eyes thinking...that is just what I will do, I will cherish these moments, forever.

One of these moments includes capturing the boys playing "meeting". Wip dragged the chairs and ottoman all by himself in the set up below and when I asked him what he was doing he informed me that they were having a meeting.  When I asked what it was about, his reply was simply "juice".

I love how Duncan is in the bigger chair