Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sorry Patrick!

It was a cold day. Duncan was sleeping and Wip was having his "quiet time" in his room.

I was organizing the boys toys and purging things that they never play with to make room for the holiday fun.

I remembered that Wip had left some of his play food in the shed and I was trying to remember what he had.

Walking out to the shed in the back yard I could feel the wind whirling around me.

I found the stock of play veggies I was looking for and as I was picking them up inside the shed, the wind took a hold of the shed door and slammed it shut. I was locked in.

I took a breath. After pushing at the door with no luck, I went into panic. What if I can't get out of here? What if I am stuck and it is 2:30pm on a blustery cold afternoon when nobody is going to be out? Holy crap.

I tried to remain calm but the panic took over. I could not stop thinking about those two little guys in my house. What if they needed me and I could not get to them?

I started kickboxing with the door. I mean kicking it really, really hard. You have heard the stories about the moms that have lifted cars to save their babies, I was in a mama mode to get out of that shed. It did not take long before I had successfully ripped apart the entire door frame, but I made it out of there. Wip was still playing in his room and Duncan was still sleeping....ahhhhhhh, that was a close one.
Gotta keep these doodlebugs safe and sound