Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After picking the boys up from school I had to drop off a gift to be personalized for my nephews upcoming birthday. When dropping off the gift, I did not expect to know this person, but it turns out that we went to college together. I left the boys in the car, but the errand ran a little longer than I had anticipated.

When I got back into the car and looked at Wip, he had taken a ball point pen and marked up not only his face, but also his pants, hands, and even his brother's hand who was passed out in his carseat.

I flipped. We have repeatedly talked about how you only use pen on paper and not on walls, furniture, or your body. As I went over what we have talked about what seems like a million times he looked at me strait faced with not an ounce of remorse and said "but mommy, how else am I supposed to jump like Tigger if I don't have stripes".