Thursday, May 2, 2013

With the new blog look and all, I thought I would start a semi routine of what I am loving this week...

1) My philanthropy class.  Best. Class. Ever. I know that I will probably say this next year, but I have had so much fun watching these students grow and learn as philanthropic folks...it is the best part of my job, hands down.

2. Online Magazines. So, I do not know if y'all are aware that Louisville Free Public Library offers free online magazines (this has saved me a fortune because I am a magazine slut and feel the urge every time I am somewhere to pick up the "latest" addition of a magazine...now it is all on my iPad, and it is all FREE! There is the online magazine that is not on the library website and that is Sweet Paul, this Kid Issue makes me want everything on every page (including the advertisements).

3. I know, I know, I should be in a Spring/Summer frame of mind...I can't stop looking at this adorable top and thinking how it would be so nice in the winter when I am fed up with the boring black and gray. Of course on the Devon Baer website...it can no longer be found. Rats.

4. I have posted before about Dinner a Love Story and how it is one of my favorite blogs. Well, I discovered the Burrito Bowl recipe. It has become a staple. While the requirement of toppings is rather large (putting it at the start of the week to make sure all of the ingredients are fresh...) the sheer deliciousness of this meal and how it is talked about for days later makes it on the most wanted list.

5. We have started watching Arrested Development in anticipation of the upcoming series. I really have no words except that this show makes me laugh so hard. Like the kind of laugh I would only want those people that love me to see...it is ugly, but damn is it funny.

6. Finally, we have some friends that have started a Frame and Matting business. So proud of these guys and this video seriously makes me want to share the love and give them lots o business...maybe it is because they have the most adorable daughter ever.