Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear Wip,

Four? Have you really turned four today? I remember the hours (and hours) of being in labor and feeling like it took forever to finally meet you, so how can it be that four years have gone by so fast?

These four years have been amazing. I have a gazillion pictures to prove it (your brother got the short end of that stick). I was (and still am) the parent that puts the phone in my child's face so much that it does not even phase you anymore. That is what you get for being cute. But it goes beyond being cute. In this crazy world filled tragedy and hopelessness, I can look at your face and everything is ok. I have no idea what I did to deserve you, but I am forever grateful that you are mine.

You love animals.You are the kind of son that makes me want to spend an afternoon making birthday hats for your toy animals, not only because it is fun, but because I know that you will appreciate it. Today, the sloth is your favorite, you say it is because he is so silly.
While you have gotten bigger, your daddy has gotten smaller. Of course, you love your daddy. It does not matter if he is coming in from mowing the lawn or getting home from work you greet him like he is a rock star every time he walks through the door (and he pretty much is).
4 days old
You love books. Lately, some of your favorites include The Rock and Roll Alphabet (I almost fell over when you associated the letter A with Aretha Franklin), anything Richard Scarry (I think you know that those are the books that take the longest to read), and Dragons Love Tacos (ok, maybe that is my favorite, but you always pick it out and say "here mommy, you love this book").

You love music. Your number one request is "We Are Young" by Fun. You know every word. My favorite part is while you are singing the song you have suck up a big gasp of air because there are so many words.

You love your family, especially your brother. You are such a little teacher with him, but my favorite is your bath time conversations, "D, why do you like balls so much?" and "D, say I love you". Makes me wish I had a recording studio to file it all away.

You are my shy, sweet, sensitive little man (and you come by it honestly...Grams says that I would not speak to adults until I was ten years old). If I am upset with you, it eats you up inside. You look up at me with those big eyes and say "mommy, are you happy?".  It melts me.

You make us proud everyday. Sometimes you do something amazing and other days you are just you. Either way, I am lucky to call you my son.

Happy Birthday Doodlebug!