Monday, May 20, 2013

The new Vampire Weekend album came out last week. Obsessed.

I remember being newly pregnant with Wip when the first album came out. Vampire Weekend was playing at Headliners and I was soooo nervous that folks would catch on that I was not drinking. Let me tell ya, that it was such an incredible toe tappin', booty shakin', fun havin' show that nobody noticed a thang and it has been true love ever since.

So far, Step is my favorite song on the new album. I listen to it a lot. I am thinking of declaring it my summer jam (yes, this early in the season). Wip likes it too and requests the "feel it in my bones" song all of the time. Patrick got this video of him belting out it here. He should totally go on the tour with the band.
If Wip did go on tour with the band, that means I would get to meet my lead singer crush Ezra Koeing (third from the left in the blue sweater...cute-TEEEE). Hmmmm...