The Poppy Book

Friday, May 31, 2013

I was so worried that because my parents did not live in the same city, that Wip would not know his Grams and Poppy, so I made a book and read it to him every night. Duncan now refers to the book as the "Poppy book" and loves to not only have it read to him, but also to go to bed with it.

Reading the "Poppy book" made me realize that I wrote about my dad having cancer and have not had any follow up. Most of you know (all 6 of you that read this blog:) that he is battling synovial sarcoma (soft tissue cancer). His treatment is pretty intense with five days in the hospital and round the clock chemo with three weeks to recover at home and then back to the hospital for another round. Radiation and surgery get thrown in there as well.  That is tough just typing it...I can't imagine having to actually go through with it. 

The good thing is that he is ready. He says his battle cry is "it is beatable and treatable" so bring it. He just finished up his first hospital stay, and I went to visit with him in the hospital last Thursday. I gotta say, cancer sucks, but I sure did enjoy just having an afternoon with my dad. Just the two of us, just talking about life, just enjoying each others company. I love my dad.

A lot of other people love my dad and are praying and getting him through this hump, we are one blessed little family. Our future is so bright that we have to wear shades (and drink chocolate milk:)