End of the Typical Day

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our typical day goes a little something like this...

I pick up the boys at 1:00ish. Duncan takes a nap, Wip has rest time (usually lasting 30-45 minutes) Then...
he invites some friends down for an afternoon snack and a movie,
We practice some somersaults, 

He sometime impresses the heck out of me..when I asked him what happened to his back (there are two very small marks and I was not sure if it was a bruise or marker), he so cleverly said "mommy, why don't you take a picture and show me, because I can't see it".... brilliant!

Duncan wakes up and we have a party (not really, but this particular day was Friday...whoohooo!)

We changed up dinner a little by having a picnic outside (and I was completely shocked and amazed at how much both of my boys LOVE carrots...who knew?)

After bath I decided to break out the summer pjs...this is the official end of our typical day (for at least a couple of months), welcome summer:)

While this has nothing to do with the end of the typical day, but everything to do with my continued obsession with Dinner a Love Story...I made fried fish with a black bean avocado salad last night...delicious!

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!