And Down The Stretch They Come...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Derby there anything better about living in a city that celebrates for two weeks a race that lasts two minutes?

Our Derby week started with a double ear infection for D. Boo.

Wip had a Derby race at school. Dagny won, but I think Wip came in second:)

We had some fro yo with our friends. Yummy.
We ran some errands (Duncan pointed at the Blake Lively picture at Barnes and Noble and said "mommy", I think I will keep him:)
We went to the Oaks. Fun.

We headed to Lexington for a Derby party. Love that some things never change, like how much fun I have with my best friends from high school.

This was Duncan on the way home from Lexington...I think he has had a good Derby week. Until next year!