Moby Dick

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wip loves Moby Dick. Like, really, really loves it.

I am not 100% where it started, but I think we were flipping through Netflix and he pointed out a whale on the screen. When I clicked on the movie, I quickly realized that it was too much for a three year old boy to handle. I told him when he was a little older he could watch it. "Like when I am four?" he said...I am sure I blew it off like, yeah, yeah, "when you are four". It has never left him. He loves that whale.

Mimi bought him a Moby Dick book (children's version) for his birthday. It has been requested morning, noon, and night (and his birthday was Tuesday!).

Yesterday, I took the boys to the dentist. It was before they had lunch and as we were leaving the office, I asked what they would like to eat. Just as I asked, we passed (you guessed it) Moby Dick (a local fish joint in town). Moby Dick it was. He loved every bite. I mean it is fried fish, french fries, and a hush puppy, so what is not to love...but I am thinking he loved it even more because it came from a place that had the name "Moby Dick".

I see some bonding with his Uncle Spills over this new found love:)