Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday, November 10, 2013

This is how I found Wip today:

The boys did get outside (I promise!), but most of the afternoon was spent vegging out. It was needed after a busy weekend. We had friends over to play, birthday parties to celebrate, a visit with Grams and Poppy, and I got hang with my bestie in Lexington. All and all a pretty darn good weekend.

Happy Birthday Ben!  He said it was "the bestest day of his life"

My little man waiting for some cake

I almost spit out my coffee this morning when I caught D saying "what did you say, I can't hear you" while cupping his hand over his ear...this is the EXACT same thing his Granddaddy does...like granddaddy like grandson, I guess.

I made a "thankful" tree for the month of November...Wip's first item that he wanted to put on the tree was that he was thankful for "animals" (no kidding, kid).