The Kind Stranger

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I took Wip, Duncan, and Wip's buddy Is to Gattiland last week. Yes, I am nuts. This was Is & Wip on the way to "Gabbiland" (for some reason both boys call it Gabbi instead of Gatti). Can you say pumped?

We had a great time playing games, eating pizza, and riding the carousel. While we were inserting our tickets to get prizes there were two teenage boys (maybe 16 years old) standing at the machine next to us also redeeming tickets. The only difference was they each had about a 6 inch stack of tickets to insert while we had about 6 tickets total. The boys minds were blown just watching all of the tickets being swept through the machine. Once the teenagers's tickets went through the machine a card popped out. One of the young men took the card out and handed it to Wip. Wip's eyes were huge!  I told the young man that it was not necessary and he told me that they just really enjoy playing a game and then giving the tickets away (he said it took him about 3 weeks to master the game). Wip gave him a very excited thank you and told me that they were kind strangers. We went to redeem the card for prizes and discovered that there was 4200 tickets on the card. Holy moly. That is a lot of tickets. That is a lot of prizes junk. Each boy walked out with an inflatable bat, toy snake, and slinky. We still have 3000 tickets left if anyone is up for a trip to "Gabbyland":)

Taking 3 energetic boys to Gattiland was crazy, but getting this in the mail made it all worth it.