Smokey Man

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Giggles. That is pretty much all that I heard for a solid hour coming from the basement today. I did not think much about it until D came up the stairs with his typical "HI MOMMY!". His face and hands were covered in black ink and I thought to myself...this is not going to be good. The boys had taken the typewriter ribbon and wiped it all over their bodies. Thankfully, other than the stair railing and the carpet nothing else seemed to catch the wrath of the ribbon. I wanted to be mad and scream and yell, but when I asked Wip what he was thinking when he wiped the ribbon all over him and his brother, his response was "we wanted to look like the smokey man from Mary Poppins". Seriously, how can I be mad at that?


Melody Kazee said...

Flipping Adorable!!!

Tracy Amin said...

Hello Halloween costume 2014 ;)