Goodbye October

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Getting everyone ready for the annual shot

D decided to stay on the playground

Parading around the neighborhood

The Speiden's used to live near Hillcrest (a.k.a. the Halloween street in Louisville). Beth was brave enough to host a very large playdate that included a parade down Hillcrest to see all of the decorations. Fast forward to a new home/neighborhood, and many new additions (brothers and sisters), the Speiden's are still carrying on the fun tradition. It is crazy, chaotic, and I look forward to every year.

Having a little halloween snack

Story time

This mother really outdid herself on the snack (I brought cheeseballs for Wip's class)

Instead of peeling the orange...D just sunk his teeth in
When Ms. Charlene explained that the class would be having a snack and reading a story, Wip raised his hand in excitement and said "my mommy brought my favorite book...Hoodwinked!". My face turned a shade of red and I had to explain to Wip that I forgot the book. I told him I was sure that Ms. Charlene had a equally fun Halloween story to read. Then, Ms. Charlene asked about the snack (which I was in charge of bringing) it was nowhere to be found and I thought that Patrick might have forgotten to bring it in that morning. After a quick text exchange it was found in D's classroom. I was really feeling like 'mother of the year' so I stepped it up and read the story and helped with the Halloween Bingo game. Everything turned out great and Wip showed me all around his classroom and introduced me to all of his friends. At the end of the party he tugged at my shirt and said "mommy, I really liked the snack that you brought". It was almost his little way of telling me not to feel so bad because he really appreciated me. Soon after the party I came across this video. Maybe I should not be so hard on myself?

On Halloween night the Amin family came over. Mother nature was not very kind to all of the little ghosts and goblins. The neighborhood canceled trick or treating on Halloween night and moved it to the next day. We already had plans for Friday, so we braved it and went to the two lonely homes with lights on. The kids did not seem to mind and the couple of "trick or treat!" that they got to shout out seemed to work out just fine (and this means that I do not have to look at a bag full of candy which also means that it is less candy to steal from my children). Win, win. Speaking of candy, the boys LOVE Dum Dum lollipops which is why I loved learning about the mystery flavor, click here to see what I mean.