Thursday, November 7, 2013

D has been cracking us up lately with his "Duncanisms".

Here is what I mean:

As Duncan was jumping off of the bed, Patrick said "Be careful" and he said "No, I'll be Spiderman"

When Duncan is doing something he should not be doing, say hitting his brother, I will tell him to stop and explain that we do not hit. He will look up at me and say "but I did not say poop or penis."

Duncan can spot a bad mood from a mile away (maybe because he can get in some pretty foul moods himself). When Wip is having a bad mood moment and then later is back to normal, Duncan will look at him and say "you happy now?" (insert your favorite reggae song voice as you say it:)

Finally, if you ask him what kind of toothpaste he has...click here for the answer (it is Ninja Turtles in case you are struggling to understand:)