Thursday, November 14, 2013

I have a confession to make. I hate doing art projects with my children. I know, I know...I absolutely should. I am blessed beyond belief to get to spend afternoons with the wild and crazy guys. We have so much time together and we do a lot of fun stuff. But, I gotta be projects (other than the typical sidewalk chalk or drawing a picture) just do not do it for me. When we do get around to doing an art project, I want it to be perfect...Pinterest-esk. I have a vision in my head that I got from a blog or magazine and I want it to be perfectly executed. That. Never. Happens.

Here is my was a cold, windy day. I decided we would paint some pumpkins that were left over from Halloween to get us ready for the perfect tablescape to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.
This was my vision:
Source: Sweet Paul Magazine
This was my reality:
Prepping for disaster
Really nothing at all like my vision...

D, what happened to you? 
 I think they are better off running off energy like here:)

In other Arts and Craft news...Wip brought the pictures found below home from school and his daddy keeps putting his "art" in the trash can in our bedroom. Each day (this has happened twice) when we get home from school and go upstairs, Wip will pull the "art" out of the trash and say "that silly Daddy, he thinks that this is trash, but it is not" while he promptly pulls it out of the garbage and sets it on the bed. You go my little Picasso.