Hello November!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Wip's class project
November has started with a bang! From hanging with cousins at the Alumni BBQ to celebrating sweet Anna's birthday to the surprise birth of baby Ellis to helping to make sure an elementary school has a playground...it was a busy weekend.

Sadly, my phone battery died so I did not get a "cousin" picture. But I piled all four boys in the car and headed to KCD for some BBQ and bouncy fun. Duncan was not being very cooperative with getting dressed, so I just gave up...he literally put every piece of clothing on himself in the photo above.

We also got to celebrate "sweet" Anna's 2nd birthday. Duncan literally thinks that her name is "sweet" Anna and I have no intentions of correcting him. She is in fact sweet and minus Duncan being asleep on my shoulder for pretty much the entire party, it could not have been more precious. 

Not waiting anymore!

Me and Kristen so excited for the Lenihan family:)
Saturday was busy and thankfully Grams and Poppy came to hang out with the boys so that I could go to my dear friends baby shower and Patrick could go to the Homecoming dance at KCD. I was a little bummed to be going to the "couples" shower without my other half. As I was walking in, I saw one of the hosts on his cell phone. I overheard him say "so it is a healthy baby boy?!?". Being extremely nosy, I asked "who just had a healthy baby boy?" to which he replied "Kathryn!". Well this just happenend to be who the shower was for...Ellis decided he wanted to come a little early. She went to the hospital at 4:30 and he was born at 6:30 (she pushed for 15 minutes). I am SO excited for this sweet couple and simply can't wait to meet the little man:)

Wip was happy

My little monkeys

Little bird fun before heading home

D wanted to "ride" all of the birds
When my friend Emily asked me if I was interested in running a 5K to help raise money needed for playground equipment at Engelhard Elementary I was all about it. I packed up the boys and we headed downtown on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I might not have run the entire time, but the boys sure did get excited to run to the finish line. Click here to see what I mean. It was a great event for a great cause that also made me realize just how lucky I am to work at a school with such amazing resources. #blessed.