Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wip had Wacky Wednesday today in the Fish class. Students were encouraged to wear something mismatched or silly because they are working on the letter "W" this week.

Little did Ms. Charlene know that we have already had a bit of a "wacky" week already...

On Monday, we were heading out on a walk to meet up with William. Duncan insisted on wearing his Havaiana flip flops (with socks of course).

On Tuesday, Patrick was out of town and he typically gets the boys ready for school. I felt pretty confident that Wip could dress himself and so I did not pay much attention to what he put on (ok, lets be real...Duncan is shall I say "stubborn" in the mornings, so truth be told I was focused on getting him out the door). Wip picked out dress socks, a 2T sweater (that did belong to him at one time), Duncan's black sweatpants, and the same t-shirt that he wore the day before...it. was. awesome.
Take that Wacky Wednesday!