Future Wilson Brothers (?)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

After nap/rest time I was trying to organize the basement (more on that later) and I plopped the boys in front of the T.V. for a little Timmy Time and Rice Krispie treats (fyi: homemade Rice Krispie treats are like crack for my children).

As I was watching them munch on a snack and take in the gibberish that is Timmy Time an extremely vain and self absorbing thought ran through my head...what if my boys are famous/BFF's like the Wilson brothers.


I have always LOVED the Luke and Owen Wilson. I think they are extremely funny, smart, and hot. One moment I will totally be team Luke for his sensitive ways and leadership qualities (by the by he is the youngest of 3 brothers), only to turn around and become team Owen for his sense of humor (who could not crack up at his whackbat routine in Fantastic Mr. Fox?). Then there is Andrew Wilson who is the oldest and a complete surfer dude type that I would want to hang out with...maybe I need to rethink this two kid thing!

Only time will tell if these bros will become famous, but one thing is for sure...they are enjoying being together and I only hope that it stays that way forever.

Here is some proof:

Old School Frat style chairs

Solving world problems over Lonnie's

Wrapping up the days events