Picture It

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We finally got our photo shoot in with the awesome Weasie Gaines. The weather could not have been more perfect. Wip must have taken a "I am the sweetest boy alive" pill on the way over because he could not have been more perfect during the shoot.  I can't wait to get the results, especially the one in which he is feeding the chickens.  I know it sounds weird, but there was so much joy on that little boys face when Nick (Weasie's husband) handed him the bucket of feed. We also got to meet her precious little man, North, and I have a feeling that North and Wip could be good buddies, they were so cute.

Then my sister-in-law sent me The Mom Stays in the Picture. As I was reading it tears were streaming down my face (yes, another one of those articles). I happened to click on the link only a few minutes before I was teaching my class of 6th grade students. Not really something I would try to explain to a 12 year old, but worth the read.

In other picture it news, I think my eyes might be playing tricks on me. I keep ordering things from Esty (love), only to discover that it is a miniature version of what I thought. 

Exhibit 1:  The loaf pan. 

In an effort to try and get a jump start on the holiday craziness I thought I would get disposable loaf pans with tea towels and ready to make chocolate chip bread mix in a jar as gifts for teachers, etc. Pretty cute right? The only problem was this is what I received for the loaf pans:

Pretty cute if I were a mouse baking bread


Exhibit 2: Tiny Plates

I was then scouring Esty for small children's plates to use as a decoration above the boys kitchen in the basement (promise I have not forgotten about that update). Again, I ordered what I thought was the perfect design and size.  Patrick just rolls his eyes. Then I received this:
Again, adorable if I were trying to fix up a doll house

As most of you have learned, the Internet can be a wonderful, time sucking, mind blowing, and amazing resource. I was blog stalking as I usually like to do when the boys are napping/resting. I came across this Online Photo Booth. Wip and I had some fun wasting time before Duncan woke up.

Figuring this thing out

Being silly

We just saw a bear!

Loving on Sophie
That will do it for this version of Picture It!  Until next time....