Photo Shoot

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I have a new found respect for photographers. Especially those who work with children. I took some pictures of the boys for the Animal Crackers online auction. Here is how it really went down...
Good shot of the outfit...I was feeling good

Look this way?

She loves me...

Is this a good pose?

Seriously? He is pretty cute.

Sick of it

Outfit I really need this shoe?


Final outfit

Love those fingers poses

Sees something fun
I told Wip to get on the wall and he said "like this mommy?"

Accidentally put him in an 18 month outfit  so it was a little snug:)

Loved wearing a cow outfit...because he is a cow:)


Had to pretend we were on a safari

Working on his golf swing

Darn blurry photographer

Then it got good

Over. It.

Deep breaths

And we are back