Boys Day Out

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Usually when I work at Animal Crackers I come home to a house destroyed and a husband that looks defeated. Today was a different vibe. The house was destroyed, but the boys and husband were so happy, laughing in fact. The Boys Day Out was a huge success. They went to the mall, had lunch with friends, and play play played.

As I was putting Wip to bed I asked if he had a good day and he said "yes". When I asked him what his favorite part of his day was, in true Wip fashion he said:

#1 was getting a cow toy at the Toy Store for being a good boy

#2 was having lunch with his best buddy Preston

#3 was playing "uh uh uh....FREE PITS" with daddy (the next time you see Wip you will have to ask him about this one it is pretty funny).

Enjoying Auntie Annie's at the mall
Later that night the adults watched Declaration of War. A French film (hello, subtitles) about a couple and how they deal with their son's cancer. You know the ol' saying "sometimes you just need a good cry", I sobbed the entire movie. At one point I was laying on Patrick's shoulder and he said that when I lifted my head his shirt was soaked. The raw emotion of this film was so real to me that I could not stop feeling for this family and sweet Adam. It was no wonder that it seemed so real...the couple on screen went through the events with their son who also plays a role in the movie (no wonder it seemed so was!). On my way to bed I went in both boys room and just stared. Trying to muffle my sniffles I could not stop thinking how thankful I am to have healthy children.