Car Talk

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our rides home from school typically play out in the same way each day. 

I put Duncan in the car and he immediately passes out, Wip tells me who he played with at school, and we pass the fire station and find out if the fire trucks are "asleep" or "up" (asleep means that the garage doors are closed and up means that the fire trucks are visible...a game we have been playing forever).

Today, Duncan still passed out immediately, Wip told me about playing with Jack on the playground, and the fire trucks were sleeping. But then something different happened...

We started to have an actual conversation. He told me about how Ms. Jan does not have a "thinking chair" (it is only in the turtle class), we talked about his fall in the big room and how Ms. Stacie had to give him the "boo boo bag", and how last night he did not do a good job of listening (he did not eat his peas and Daddy was upset with him but he just "didn't eat them"). 

I pulled in the driveway and we just kept talking, actual conversation.

I was enjoying the moment so much I really did not even think about the fact we were already home. He looked up at me and said "mommy, we can go inside now".  To which I replied "oh yes, we can", but inside I just wanted to hang on to that moment forever.