Mood Board, take 1

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I write on this blog because it is fun. I write on this blog because I enjoy sharing my boys. I write on this blog because I hope to look at this 10, 15, 20 years from now and crack up at the memories.

Since getting into this world wide blogging, I have spent shameless hours on other very cute, with it, and detail bloggers, only to look at my fuzzy header, my tacky purple background, and my cut and paste ways of putting this blog together. In an effort to try my hand at something new, I have created my first collage. While I don't have the mad photo shop skills of some of my faves, I do have Picasa. So with that, I would like to introduce my first mood board. Here are a few things that I am loving right now...

Boys and Bread-
Comes from a picture Meeting around a baguette, 1950 - R. Prunin that I found on one of my favorite blogs French By Design

My Inspiration-
We finally watched Moonrise Kingdom. While I thought it would be "just another weird Wes Anderson movie" I of course loved it. It has also become the inspiration in my playroom...thanks to this post from Lay Baby Lay.

I have no idea where I found this, but I love it. I try to teach my students and sons to adhere to this motto. Today, while at Trader Joe's I saw a older gentleman confused about where to put his cart. As I was going to just be "that girl" and leave my cart in a random spot, instead I walked up and got his cart and took both back to the store. Do Something Good...just think I might!

Madewell is brand that I had never heard of even though the website says it has been around since 1937. I randomly ordered these corduroys and will never go back. These are the best. While I would possibly go a size smaller (holla) because they do stretch, it is almost like wearing pajamas out. Love.

Tis The Season-
Can you believe that it has been three years since this picture has been taken?  We have started the "fall y'all" fun with Halloween parties and more and Wip is more into the holiday than ever this year.  Makes me want to rewind the clock and go back to when this group was terrified of a pumpkin painting party!

Just like every other blogger out there I am obsessed with everything fox related. From prints to jewelry, pillows, to blouses. I can't get enough of these weird animals. This is a print that might need a home in the basement.