Oh My Oh My Dinosaurs!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

From the moment Wip took off his frog costume last year he has said with confidence that he wants to be a dinosaur for Halloween (a purple triceratops to be exact). Of course I started scouring the web to find the perfect costume. I did find what would be the perfect costume click here, but it was a little out of my price range.

I thought if I could make dinosaur socks, I might as well try a dinosaur costume. A broken needle, messed up bobbin, and a little bit of sweat later, mission accomplished. While the finished product looks like a 7th grade home economics project gone wrong, I am kinda proud of myself. Both costumes cost a total of $35.00!!!

I showed Wip and Duncan and they loved them!  I was not sure if I was more excited that they actually wanted to put on the costumes or that they both kept the hoods on.  Either way it was a success!

Step 1: Target sweatsuits

Step 2: Create a pattern 

Step 3: Pin it all together & sew

Step 5: Stare at the finished product!

Step 6: Make your son pose
Step 7: Love that he loves everything about it (even the tail)

Step 8: Watch your little dinosaurs have some fun!