Kid Free Weekend

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Meet up with your husband's former substitute teacher for a drink.  Galen White is the best. He makes me laugh, has the best stories, and has memorized both the best T.V. and movie lines of all time. Loved seeing you Galen!
My man Galen

Get a Groupon massage. I was so excited for my 10am massage. Unfortunately, as soon as I walked in the door, I knew it was going to be terrible. The room was neon green with natural light shining in from everywhere (not ideal when you are trying to keep your eyes closed).  The classical music was playing from a local radio station which was fine, but it was "military week" so each song made me want to get up and start marching into battle. The sheets felt like she had just ripped them out of a Wal-Mart bag (rough, scratchy, yuck!). The oil was this disgusting lavender smell from Bath and Body Works. Finally the massage sucked, a mouse could have done a better job. I just need to stick with Daysie from Abeille, she knows what she is doing!
I will never betray you again....

Go to the St. James Art Fair without a stroller.  It was a beautiful afternoon and the fair was packed. We met up with the Gahan's and had a nice stroll.  I was so happy that we were not pushing a stroller around (especially a double!).
My terrible attempt at a picture of Patrick, Will, and Clay at the St. James Art Fair

Feel guilty about going to the early movie (no not the 7pm, but the 4:20pm). We were the youngest by 30 years but The Master was a movie that needed a lot of attention. Boy was it good, tough but good. I would not have lasted for anything later. We stuffed ourselves with pizza and wine afterward, overall a great night.
A little heavy handed, but really, really good.

Look forward to seeing our little munchkins again and appreciating the grandparents who allow us to have some "us" time!

Do whaaaaa?  You mean Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the weekend without us?


Tracy Amin said...

I just spent the entire time reading this laughing hysterically!!!