Halloween in a Nut Shell

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Halloween season has been busy.

I had to laugh when I told David that the actual Halloween night was on Wednesday and his reply was "it is not over yet?".

I think it is best to tell the story through pictures.

Time to Decorate!

First stop was the Pollitt Halloween Party:
Wip playing with his friend Spider Man 

Duncan, are you cute or what?

This costume won. Period.

Next up was the Annual Speiden Halloween Party:

D LOVED the Capri Sun

Work it Wip!


As Kayne says...I'm a Motha Bleepin MONSTER!

Hey Mom...still working on this.

Just a swingin'

Move Moms'...get out da way!

The Gang
We had to cancel Boo at the Zoo (thanks Sandy), but we still got together with our friends for pizza, beer, and crazy kids.
Eating pizza with our clothes on

Duncan decided it was not cool to wear a shirt

Everyone else followed

This pretty much captures the night

Thank goodness sweet Anna and William were there!

The weather also just did not work in our favor to visit the pumpkin patch with our friend Ajay, but we did make it to the Annual Pumpkin Carving Party at the Easley Farm:
David is thrilled

Eating/dropping chips

Good times

The Robertson Gals

You can't catch me!

Grrrrr!  Pumpkin Carving
Next up was the party at LCC and it was WILD.  We met up with the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Kids everywhere, haunted house, and good food.

But the night did not end there...we headed over to the Brewer Halloween Party. It did not disappoint with some of the most creative costumes I have seen in a while...
Coach & Tami Taylor

Couple of my favorite people

Pretty good

Trying to play the part

This might make a good tv show...The Adventures of the Lone Ranger and Coach Taylor

Startin' to get wild

Yep...almost there

This was one of about 50 pictures just like it on my phone...tipsy?

Night night
Then, it was actually Halloween. 
Wip was terrified so Preston went to pick up his candy

They were so excited to hand out candy

Smell my feet

Glow stick ready

Whoa whoa whoa

This was the best picture I could get of the kids

Wait a minute...that is our house!

And the Almond Joy was gooooone.....

It was a good night
Happy Halloween Everyone!