6AM Wake Up Call

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Please do not be jealous of my 6AM wake up call this morning from Wip.  I know how much everyone enjoys waking at the crack of dawn when you do not have to, I get it.

It was, however, a worthwhile wake up call.  A few months back Wip lost his "zebra" blanket. It killed me because not only did he love this blanket, but he also just looked so darn cute carrying it around. My friend Carey bought the blanket so I called her immediately to see if I could get a replacement, I scoured the house, and even emailed the preschool teachers in case it mistakenly was put in another child's backpack. No luck.

Last night, I dropped something that went under our bed.  When I pulled back the bed skirt, voilà, zebra blanket was there!  I tip toed in Wip's room and just put the blanket next to him.  6AM (not kidding) he came running in my room with the biggest smile on his face like he had been reunited with his best friend.

Ahhhh, finally you appear!

I told Wip the blanket fairy must have put it back...I hope he does not get beat over that statement

My boys and their blankets:)