Gym Bag Rat

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last night was a perfect bedtime routine night (not typical).  Both boys ate good dinners, had fun playing in the bath together, and Wip even wanted to read Duncan his bedtime story.  Happy boys = Happy Mama.

When I was getting ready for bed that night I remembered that I did not put my gym bag together (which was in my room). I went to the chair that it is always on, not there.  I looked downstairs, not there. I went out to my car, not there. I accused Patrick of doing something with it, he was already asleep and not concerned about my gym bag.  There was no way that it could have ended up in the boys room, but it was the only place that I did not look.  I crept into Duncan's room, not there.  I tip toed into Wip's room, this is what I found...
Look what was in Wip's room

He had taken every little thing out 

It took me 10 minutes to pick up the scattered mess

Wip did not seem to care one bit