Talking D

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I remember Wip having more words at this point than Duncan uses. Not that I am comparing, but I could have sworn that Wip was at the very least saying Dada and Mama. Duncan might not say as many words, but he sure does jabber a LOT more.  It is like he has his own Duncan Mulloy language. The craziest part of all of his jabber is that sometimes he will just bust out a word that is crystal clear and you can understand it completely.  For example, one day when we were in the kitchen and he just looked up and pointed at a box on the counter and said "cracker" clear as a bell. Last night after a bath I had him wrapped up in a towel and I said "I love you" and he looked up at me and once again clear as a bell said "I love you". Maybe as the Ghetto Boys once said "my mind is playing tricks on me".  I know it is just circumstance, but it cracks me up.

Here is a video of jabber (do you really think I could capture real talking?  not a chance):