Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I was drinking a mini Sofia tonight during bath time. It was a cruddy day.

Three months ago I scheduled our family pictures to be taken by Weasie Gaines at her farm. I had the boys outfits picked out, haircuts scheduled the day before, and made sure that I had coverage for soccer practice so we could get to the farm at 5:30pm.

Duncan had some crud in his eyes the day before.  My dad came up to watch the boys (Yom Kippur) and took him to the doctor this morning. Pink eye and an ear infection, but you would never know.  He was eating, smiling, and loving on his Skip It like he does every morning. When I called Weasie she answered the phone "uh oh". Then when she heard the pure disappointment in my voice, she kindly told me that we can reschedule and that I needed a drink!

Being confined to the house this afternoon instead of taking family pictures was not all that cruddy. I taught Wip how to properly ask someone to dance (look them in the eye and say "may I have this dance") and I learned how much Duncan enjoys doing crafty stuff.  Not only did he shriek with excitement when I pulled out the crayons, but he also helped me with our Kiwi Crate craft box by stuffing the fruits and vegetables that we created.  Even with crud in his eye and fluid in his ears he sat through story time tonight and even picked out another book and that is some progress.
Making a mess

Farmers Market Apron and Veggies

This is random...Wip told me while he was eating dinner that he made a trail and for me not to clean it up...such a particular little man!