Life with David

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our life with David has been great with very little bumps in the road.

Very few language barrier issues. One that I thought was pretty funny was when I asked if he needed anything from the store and I thought he said "axe".  In my mind I was thinking "wow, every teenage boy really does use axe body spray, even in China".  When I asked him which scent he preferred, he clarified.  He wanted some "eggs" not "axe".

Having David around has also taught me that Patrick and I have some parenting issues to work through.  Last night David went to a pool party hosted by two of his classmates.  There was an off duty cop and lifeguard (as well as the parents) at the party. I picked up his buddy and thankfully his buddy's aunt agreed to pick the boys up after the party (saved from dragging two sleepy boys out of the house).  She said it would probably be a little after 11pm.  Patrick came home from his girls golf match and asked if I had set a curfew for David.  I said I did not, but I was not worried because I knew he had a safe ride home.  Patrick thought that he should be home no later than 10pm and that I should have set a limit!  He is tough!  We both agreed if he was not home by 11pm we would call and at 10:15pm David walked in the door.  He had a great time at the party.

It has been great having him around.  Wip now includes him when he is naming his animals (there is a Daddy dog, Mommy cow, Duncan goat, Wip chicken, and David horse farm set up in his room at this very moment).
The fam at church.


Tracy Amin said...

For a second I thought that said "The Farm at church!" I did a little chuckle :)