Bring Your Nephew to Work Day

Friday, September 28, 2012

I wish it had been under different circumstances (Mollie had to attend a funeral for Polly Williams, an amazing lady who was taken too soon), but I got to hang with William at work today.

First of all, I had not seen him in over a month and the little peanut is not so much a peanut but a chunky monkey!  

He kept playing a game with me in which he would stick his lip out making me break out into the obnoxious baby voice "don't you cry sweet boy" in an effort to let me know how ridiculous I sounded he would just break out in a big smile.

The funniest part of the afternoon was when I took a call while giving him a bottle.  Not smart. In trying to speak to a man with a heavy accent, I almost dropped the bottle because I could not hold the phone, bottle, and baby all at once.  A co-worker came in laughing and of course captured the moment.

All I know is William is a good baby and I am happy to hang with him anytime!