Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I received a call this afternoon.  It went something like this...


"Hi, Mandy, it is Ms. Jan, from the Temple"- Ms. Jan (obvi)

"Gulp, is everything ok?"-Mandy

"Oh yes! I was just giving all of the parents a call to make sure that the year has started off ok and make sure you did not have any questions"-Ms. Jan

"We are having a fantastic year, Wip has a smile on his face everyday and he is learning so much"-Mandy

"Well, he is a delightful little boy"-Ms. Jan

"Thank you, that is very kind. You have a lot of patience"-Mandy

"I must tell you...I have never had a child who loves books as much as Wip and that is a wonderful thing"-Ms. Jan

(Ms. Jan has been a preschool teacher at the Temple for over 20 years!)

The great Dr. Purcell from East Louisville told us when Wip was just a baby to make books toys, make books fun, and always have books around...after taking a trip down memory lane it is clear that Wip really does love his books...
Before he could walk he was already into books

Books before bed

Cooking with books

Surrounded by books

Books everywhere