Sunday, September 16, 2012

*WARNING-LONG POST ALERT (especially if you read the articles:)*

I know that "it could be worse", I know to be thankful, I know that I am blessed. I also know that my 3 year old has driven me NUTS this week. The whining, baby voice, "yes" one minute "no" the next, lack of listening (well you get the point). Maybe I am being a little uptight, maybe he should be told 18 times to wash his hands after using the bathroom, or maybe I should continue to help him put his clothes and shoes on even though he is completely capable of doing it himself, or maybe I should meet all of his demands "I want Disney music pleaeeeese" even though I want the new Avett Brothers (again, you get the point). I don't have guilt for feeling this way I know it is a part of parenting, but after reading a few articles and having quality time with my family, I also need to remember "it could be worse", to be thankful, and to know that I am blessed.

Realizing to let some of my frustration go came about when reading the Huffington Post specifically directed to parenting. They know how to bring on the tears!  I stumbled upon an article about a Taylor Swift song. While it seems innocent enough, don't say I did not warn you, because if you don't cry then you probably eat nails for breakfast. It made me realize that "it really could be worse".
Red + Blue = purple:(
The second article I read was like it was sent to me to be read at the exact moment I needed it. This article by Devon Corneal is about the "lasts".  The Last Time appeared on my computer after Wip and I had been playing for a while and I wanted some "me" time so I sat him in front of a movie. Duncan was sleeping and I thought if I could just have one hour to knock out some emails and just zone out that would be perfect. Not even a paragraph into the article tears are streaming down my face. Wip not seeing that I was weeping happened to walk over to me while the movie was playing and just grabbed my hand. He said "watch this with me mommy" to which I ditched the "me" time and made room for some "us" time (and you will know why if you read the article). It made me realize I am thankful for a little boy who wants to spend time with his mommy.
"Us" Time
This weekend has been spent going on walks, watching movies, exploring the Science Center with Granddaddy, and having a birthday lunch with Grams and Poppy. I realize I am blessed.
Lots of fun at the water table (too much...they were soaked:)

Puzzle time

Wip wanted to crawl in Granddaddy's lap for the balloon demonstration

The final balloon to pop (with magnesium)

Check out that explosion!

Dinner and hugs at Coal's Pizza after the Science Center

Birthday lunch for Grams at Windy Corner (precious place)

Our view during lunch (there were even horses!)

Grams and Wip solving the world problems