Best Buds and Baseball

Monday, April 29, 2013

We celebrated John's birthday a while back, but his present from Wip was a Bats baseball game. My former boss once told me that he was going to start giving his kids "experiences" instead of stuff and it stuck with I thought this would be a good experiment and good experience gift. I knew it was going to be a good time when I asked the boys what they wanted to listen to on the way to the ballpark,  Wip requested "Kick Drum Heart" by the Avett Brothers and John requested "Band on the Run" by Paul McCartney. To say that it was a Sunday Funday at the ballpark would be putting it mildly. We started at the bounce section with inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and bounce house. After getting our sillies out we got some popcorn and actually enjoyed some of the game (maybe 1 inning, but it was a start). Then off to the carousel so Wip could get his animal fix. After going round and round the boys wanted to hit the playground...and they hit it hard. The giggles and chasing that went on with these boys was just adorable. It was then Dippin' Dots time and another chance to watch some of the actual game (again, only 1 inning, but it was better than nothing!). It was then that I promised the boys they could run the bases at the end of the game...knowing now that would take what felt like an eternity, I would have never made that promise. We got our spot in line pretty early...about 45 minutes into the wait, the line grew to be a what seemed like a mile long. John told me he had to go potty and Wip fell and skinned his knee (we were melting). I made John hold it and told Wip to suck it up. We were not missing the darn base run. I am so glad that we did...John said it was his favorite part. I hope that it was a fun memory that he will keep with him for a long time.


P.S. I hope you enjoy the new blog design!  Happy Mother's Day to me:)

The Great Race

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just me and a few thousand others decided to get up and run
It was the perfect day for the Derby Mini Marathon. Overcast, 60 degrees, and a flat course. Bring it. I finished in 2:10:07. In those 2 hours I witnessed lots of "Boston Strong" motivation, a blind man running, and the winners of the marathon passing me at my mile 11 (it was their mile 19). 


After (yes, we are drinking beer at 10am)
After the race I was greeted by this little monkey (and Plehn's Doughnuts!)
They had a carnival set up next to the finish line so we stayed a while and checked out some of the rides. I highly encourage you to watch this video of Wip and Patrick going down the slide...America's Funniest Home Videos?
The rest of the day was spent playing "trick or treat" with the boys, toasting one of Patrick's former students who graduated from Vandy, and listening to some good music with even better friends at Z bar....good day.
We had to act out the trick or treat part...with real candy of course!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Today was one of those days that I felt like every time I turned around I was being inspired.

It started with my mom. I called in to check and see if they had been given a plan to kick my dad's cancer in the rear end. They did not. Apparently there are too many cooks in the kitchen and not one person in charge so it has been a bit of a hurry up and wait game (not a good thing when you have a cancerous tumor on your leg). I could not believe my mom's optimism. She was a little frustrated, yes, but she was so damn positive. She said "we are not going to just sit around by the phone all day...we have got living to do". She then went on to tell me that they went to dinner with friends last night, went to a Reds baseball game earlier this week, and my dad was out helping someone with car trouble this afternoon. Kudos to them!  Such an inspiration. 

After chatting with mom, I went to a ladies luncheon downtown. It was sponsored by Business First and I went with my boss (who was literally one of three men in the entire 800 person lunch). When I asked him who was speaking he just said "some gal who was kidnapped as a young girl". "Elizabeth Smart?", I asked. He was like "I don't know, everyone said it was going to be good". Let me back track a bit. I vividly remember the Elizabeth Smart case. I remember following it on the news and even picking up the issue of People magazine when she got married last year because I was so happy everything worked out for her. Sure enough, Elizabeth Smart was the speaker. Boy, did she have a story to tell, and she told it well. After being kidnapped, raped, and brainwashed for nine months at age 14, she has become such an inspiration to people who have had hurdles in their lives (i.e. any and everyone). Her message was simple (and it came from advice given to her by her mother, no doubt). She said, when she got home that her mother looked at her and said "you know what the best thing you can do to get back at those monsters that did this to you?" She said "be happy in your life, and move on". She said if you do this, they lose.  Such an inspiration.

Finally (and of course) my boys. For some reason this week, they have been completely and totally in love with each other. When Wip bit his tongue eating dinner (unfortunately this happens a lot), Duncan could not have been more concerned..."you ok Wip?". When Duncan was going to bed, Wip always came running in "Duncan, I need a hug and a kiss". When we are crossing a street, Wip is so concerned about Duncan holding my hand (rightfully so as the devil throws a fit). I know this will not always be the case, I know they are having a "I love my brother week". Either way...such an inspiration.

Good night!  According to I only have 15 minutes to fall asleep before my big run tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our friend Cooper turned 3 and we got to celebrate with a fun party at the farm.
The boys were pumped!

Horses, oh my!

When D got off of his horse he said "Thank you, horse" was a hoot!


Hangin' with Uncle Omar 

Wip was so excited to give Cooper a toy camel...she was not as impressed.

Cookie cake mess

The end.

Earth Day

Monday, April 22, 2013

"If you are not nice to the rrrfff (earth) it will get sick, but if you are nice then rrrfff (earth) will be happy."
-Wip Mulloy

Lessons from the Week

Sunday, April 21, 2013

1. Cancer is mean.
I remember when my mom called me and told me the news. I was standing in the kitchen of our condo. "Your dad has cancer." Shock and a lot of tears. I was pregnant with his first grandchild which put some pressure on him to be strong and fight hard. He did. Not only did he make it through remission, but his doctor told him that he has no more a chance of getting cancer than someone walking by him on the street.

Well that son of a bitch cancer has decided to return. A cyst in my dad's leg that was "nothing to worry about" is actually a lymphoma tumor. This time when my mom called to give me the news, I was mad. I felt like the scene in Mulan when her father is asked to serve in the Imperial Army (again) and Mulan steps in and says "no, he has already put in his time". My dad has already put in his time. I know he will once again be strong and fight hard...this time he has four grandsons to keep up with.
Daddy's girl
2. Routine.
I tried to set up a new routine with my daily life this week. For some reason I started feeling so overwhelmed so I thought I would change things up a bit. For example, I kept my computer in the bag when we got home from school. For some reason, I feel that it is necessary to keep working after I leave work (i.e. there is no such thing as part time). So when we get home from school I am in such a rush to get the boys off to rest and nap time so I can get back to work. Not this week. Before rest and naps we did puzzles, watched T.V., played with the sticker book (oh the sticker book...this could be a post on its own). I also did the house work before getting out the computer. This includes laundry, getting dinner ready, etc. It has made for a much more productive week.
Dinner a Love Story, Baked Chicken in Creamy Tomato Sauce...YUM!
3. Listen.
I teach middle school students. On Thursday, I took my class out to play capture the flag (it was a team building lesson). One of my students became enraged that I called the game and declared the girls the winners. He told me he hated me, he said I was sexist, he took another students shoe and threw it across the field in a violent rage. Clearly he has issues. My first instinct was to send him strait to to the principal's office. That kind of behavior is not acceptable and he needed to be put in his place. The mama bear in me decided to take him away from the situation and try to talk to him. I asked him if he wanted to talk about it and he started to sob. I know that this young man needs more help then I could ever give him, but deciding to listen was the right thing to do.
Wip on the other hand did not want to listen when I told him it was rest time...clearly he needed it that day
3. Stretch.
I am running in the mini marathon next weekend. Yes, I have trained. I also have started getting a weird tightness in my hip area. I tried to do yoga with the was a bust. They would much rather read books. I did however take a yoga class and clearly stretching is what my body was telling me that I needed to do!
Are you watching the teacher?

Yoga is not their thing
4. Bake more.
The boys enjoy baking. I enjoy the end result. They love the idea of "helping". I stopped in Fresh Market and picked up Pink Lemonade cake mix (adorable). I heart Fresh Market. Every time I walk in that place I feel like they have completely marketed the store for me. Each isle is set up so perfectly, the candy display is gorgeous, and I even enjoy buying meat (makes me feel like I am stepping back in time). OK, enough of my Fresh Market obsession. We had the best time whipping up this cake...I need to bake more with these little guys.

5. Change is good.
This was my inspiration
This is how much of my hair is gone

Bunk Room Obsession

Monday, April 15, 2013
I hate it when I think of an idea (especially for the boys). Once I get something in my head...I become obsessed with thinking, planning, etc. on making it happen.  My latest obsession involves creating a bunk room for the boys. With Duncan no longer a baby (tear), it is time to start thinking about making them not only brothers, but roommates.

I am torn between having built in bunk beds (which I think would open up the room so much more) or purchasing a bunk bed unit (that is not as permanent).  I will be clear that I love our home and would clearly make it my forever home if life worked like that, but it doesn't.

I thought I would share some of my obsessions...
This is hands down my favorite...would you die to have this room?
I am very partial to this one (probably because it is orange).
This would totally work with the space we have upstairs.
Back to the traditional...but I like it.
Bunk beds without the bunk...hmmmm?
Who would not want this room?
Animal head inspirations...hmmm, I wonder who that could be for?
Think of mixing up the bedding...who says it must match?
Love the simplicity of this bedding (with a yellow wall, maybe?)
This would be the perfect get-a-way
Very sweet.
$70 for 5?!  That is a steal!
Gotta love a classic.
I don't think that these would work in the room with all of the windows...but the detail on these makes me happy.