Sunday, December 28, 2014

I found this in the draft section of the blog and had to post.

Duncan's teachers sent this video to wrap up his year in the turtle class (I cried). Here is a look back at our year at the Temple preschool...

I < 3 Weekends

Sunday, December 21, 2014

In case you have not noticed on my Instagram account, I try to use every minute of the weekends to enjoy being with the boys. We are in Florida where we can be outside, the list of things to do are endless, and I really like being with these crazy kids! Most of our weekends start with being completely exhausted on Friday night...we try really hard to be peppy, but everyone is pretty much done from the week. Saturday mornings the boys play tennis and then we find something fun in the afternoon. Sunday (maybe my favorite) is when the boys try to stay in bed until the clock reads 7:00, we go to church, then it is Lineage Coffee and ciabatta bread from East End Market, and then another fun day of exploring.
Enjoying ciabatta bread after church

Checking out the local food stops

Making some gifts at Home Depot


Thanks to my boss we spent a day at Epcot

The boys enjoyed some GIANT pretzels 


Stopped in China

Shared a snack with the birds

Made a call in London

Duncan decided he was over Epcot so we missed the Candlelight Processional with a reading from LeVar Burton

Checking out a local diner

We went to see Flat Stanley the play

We dress up 

A lot

We work on our hair

And play hairdresser on other people

We go to Charleston for a wedding and get to see good friends

Lovely ladies

VIPs of the night

Congrats Kemper!

We have dinner with our KCD family

We pass out in cars if it is past 7:30 on Friday night

Sometimes we just lay around

We eat salmon and veggies!

We bake cookies

This is how Duncan bakes

We do a LOT of drawing

We pass out after meeting new friends at a hibachi grill

We play a little golf

We have junk food Friday nights (and Saturday mornings:)

We watch movies

We ride bikes
Cherishing every moment...