Looking Back

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Can you believe that February is about to leave us? I was looking back at some pictures over the past few weeks and it hit me just how much has been going on {and how little I have blogged about it}. So, here is a little photo dump for your pleasure:)

A Gift For Teaching posse (Dan and Kathy). Good people. 

I volunteered at a place called Clean the World. They go to hotels around Orlando (we have plenty here) and gather the slightly used shampoos/soaps/etc. After the volunteers sort the products it gets put through a machine that makes soap and is given to people throughout the world. Pretty cool. 

We went to the zoo and I caught this picture of D...makes me laugh.

The boys are all about the pretend play and I love it. One morning I captured them being animals while helping animals. 

I have listened to a lot of Dixie Chicks lately...if you could only see me in the car belting out the song You Were Mine (it is not pretty).

Duncan participated in the St. Jude Trike A Thon

Ready, set, go!

I have enjoyed (I mean really enjoyed) good coffee on Sunday morning after church

We had a family playdate with Duncan's friend Bass and his family. They had a boat. It was cool. 


We went to visit Grams and Poppy in Daytona Beach Shores and climbed a lighthouse

It was tall!

We made it!  Windy but beautiful.

We had some fun at the park

That smile.

That face.

I stole some kisses at lunch.

I also tried to use my son as a guitar.

We stop at CVS before our haircuts with Ms. Sandy. Wip shows me which car William will like the best (it is different each time:).

Me: Who taught you how to blow bubbles? D: My basketball coach. Me: What is your basketball coach's name? D: he does not have a name only humans have names and you are Mrs. Mulloy and daddy is Patrick.

Kentucky is seriously everywhere (the picture above was taken at our apartment complex). I was in yoga class and the girl next to me moved from Louisville four years ago, the father of a little boy in Wip's class went to KCD, the lady that sold us our mattress went to Ballard High School, the uncle of a little girl in Wip's class lives in Lexington with his family. It goes on and on and on and on. 

Family Date Night at The Porch. TGIF

For the 100th day of school Wip had to dress up like an old man. He was thrilled.

Practicing a forward roll


Wip is dying to land a cartwheel. Practice. Practice. Practice.

I took on a 30 day yoga challenge and my friend sent me inspiring messages each day to keep me going. This one made me smile.

Wip pointed out that W and M stand for Wip Mulloy (not Women and Men).

First night in the new house. Perfection.

I had a date night with Wip while Duncan had a Dad's Taco Night at his school. 

I joined a Mom's Bible Study at Duncan's school and of course my first time there I trip and spill coffee on the arm of the chair. Thank goodness for Shout wipes...these are the BEST invention ever.

D trying to convince me that he does not need a jacket because he can just put his arms in his sleeves. Silly boy.

Hot dogs at Home Depot


We took Wip rock climbing and he LOVED it. He was so good. My little monkey.

Listening to instructions.

Up he goes!

To the top.

We celebrated daddy's birthday.

We hugged some balloons.

We had dinner with wonderful friends that we miss so much.

They had a blast.

Until next time!

And the Oscar goes to...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

About a month ago Wip came home singing a tune over and over "hmmmm hmmmm hmm hmm hmm". The "hmmms" slowly came into a full song "are you my mother?". The song turned into a full play and for about two weeks we learned the part each classmate would play and what song they would sing. A star was born.

I knew that this was my first (and certainly not last) sign that Wip enjoys drama when the morning of the performance when he crawled into our bed and started practicing. It was like a nervous and excited Wip that I had never seen before. 
best buds
Nothing could have prepared me for when that curtain opened and I saw my little boy. He. Was. Beaming. Click here to see the show starting and click here to see him shine in his role as a pilot. Don't you think he stole the show? Me too. He was focused, confident, and having fun. I may or may not have watched this video one hundred times. Just look at him when he points to me (towards the end). There is no denying that I was a proud mom. 
a proud mimi and granddaddy
I hope that this was the first of many productions that we will get to see Wip shine. Patrick sent me a text later that day after the performance that simply said "I can't stop smiling". Pretty much. I can't wait to see what is next!

Octopus Pajamas

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

As the boys are getting bigger {tear}, I have started a "William" pile of clothes that I put in the boys playroom. One night after a bath, Wip discovered some pajama pants that I had put in the "William" pile and flipped. He was insistent that we find the top. Insistent. I did some digging and found the top to the set and Wip immediately put it on {it was size 3T}. After he put on the pajamas, he was insistent that I take a picture of him with the pajamas on and send it to Ms. Bloomquist {the fact that he knows the instant process of sending a picture to someone cracks me up}. 

So, I sent this picture:
I did not know what to say in the email except for the fact that Wip wanted me to send the picture. I was just beaming from ear to ear when I got this response back from Ms. Bloomquist:

Adorable. Just adorable. 

In addition to the happiness of discovering the pajamas, Wip is doing SO well in school. If you ever have the opportunity to pick up my little man from school you will get a chatter box. He does not stop talking. From his letter person to rehearsing his upcoming production of "Where is My Mother?", he just seems like he is in such a good place. The best part is the fact that when he does get in the car, the person putting him in the car is the one that tells me about the special award or kuddos that he got for the day...it is not even on his radar to tell me about his good news.

I had so much fun helping out with his class Valentine party last week

Love his teacher

Not sure what smarty pants really mean...but it seems like a big deal.

Then there was this one...

Keep em' coming Wip. I am so freaking proud of you.