My Oh May

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May was busy. In a good way.

Wip wrapped up his choir club and can't wait to start back in the fall

 Wip continued to rock it with his school work (his handwriting has improved so much too!)

We continued to mourn the death of Prince (RIP)

 I got to experience Mother's Day Tea at Park special

 We celebrated our SEVEN year old with animals, presents, candy shop, milkshakes (with a french fry dip), Duncan trying to put on his shoe...a horseshoe, and finally celebrating Derby at the dog track

 I was showered with love for Mother's Day and could not be happier to be a mom to these sweet boys

We had lots of games of "2 truths and a lie" over ice cream

We celebrated this FIVE-year-old with donuts, superhero cookies for his class, presents, and lots of "ITS MY BIRFDAY!" shouts from the birthday boy

Thank you notes (coming soon)
I love that the boys wrote one for each of the gifts they gave each other

 We were invited to an Orlando City Soccer game and just letting you know if you plan on coming for a visit (and we always hope you do)...plan on going to a was AWESOME!

We had such a fun family beach day with our All Saints Family
Duncan decided he needed a pre-beach nap before we arrived

 We got to enjoy the All Saints Pre-K Blessing Ceremony which was a bittersweet moment where Duncan is moving on from All Saints (which we have loved) and heading to Park Maitland (which will be one drop off...holla!)

We got to experience the K5 Bridging Ceremony at Park Maitland where Wip actually walked across the bridge to enter 1st grade. It was such a special ceremony and a sweet reminder that he is exactly where he needs to be (and SO happy)..he also got to announce the Head of School!

 We have already had one (of many) early pool times

We went to the Kids Fringe Festival and experienced art, ice cream, and a parade

We went to our first Orlando friends wedding and had a BLAST celebrating #jennandhughsayido

 We headed up to Ponte Vedra to hang with a few of my favorite folks (Francie's godparents:). Loved seeing how much Camille has grown and catching up with Tom and Elizabeth

Duncan got a new pair of shoes and he told me that he had to get them because they are "clean" and his feet will not be stinky anymore...little chance of that!

She was ready to get here in a hurry but we are THRILLED to announce the birth of Abigail Rigsby Parsons "Abby". I feel so lucky to be an aunt once again to a precious baby girl.
Congrats Mike and Kelly!!!