Saturday, April 25, 2015

So, I blinked. I blinked and it is almost May.

It is crazy to think that we have been on this adventure for almost a year. It is also crazy to think in just a few weeks Wip is turning 6 and Duncan is turning 4. Unreal. Spring has been a time of getting settled, swimming, golf tournaments, Easter fun, visits with dear friends and family, and more swimming. Take a look:

my little fish

we painted the bathroom 

we made it all the way across the monkey bars

we played on the patio in the rain

we baked cookies {i promise that D is not smoking}

we made lots of zoos

we volunteered at the trinity auction

we played for HOURS with our legos

we looked cool

we snuck into the pantry and ate all of the applesauce {DUNCAN!}

we got stung by a bee near our eye

we dressed up like mommy and daddy

we went for runs in our new hood

we took the boys to this

it was hot

duncan drank a lot of blue juice

wip took a lot of selfies

still drinking

we cooled off

we crashed before getting to the car

we celebrated the birth of our sweet friend Jackson's baby sister

we ate a lot of ice cream

we made easter baskets for the church easter egg hunt

we said funny things

we made forts

we read the bible
we made monster eggs

we drank chocolate milk

we made Easter treats for William and baby Francie

we failed

we tried again

we were successful!

they were much cuter than tasty:)

we got a new skylander book at the book fair {and then lost it that weekend}

we played ball in our pjs

we ate doughnuts with william

and snuggled with this precious new addition to the family

we played with our new cousin {might be my most favorite pic ever}

we posed for lots of pictures

we racked up on eggs at the Easter egg hunt

wip said "duncan got more, I got less"

we went to brunch 

me and my mini me

daddy and d

we are family

we had our sweet friends come for a visit and loved every minute

everything is awesome

post waterpark playroom

wolf made of legos {wip was obsessed}

they would only let us ride with one kid at a time so beth and I did this {lame} ride for each child

have you seen John and Wip?

we follow the rules

star wars...they were impressed
duncan is still obsessed with skiing

see what I mean?

bed head

i took wip to see shrek the musical

he got to have cheetos

he loved it

more swimming with a swim cap

this is the boys watching the neverending story {one of my favorite childhood movies, they love it}

we played a little golf

we dressed up

please don't grow up...it is a trap

we put up wallpaper in the laundry room and it makes me so happy

we did not attend this event

looking this good takes work

duncan said one of my favorite quotes when he told me that every morning I wake up and put on flippers and my breakfast shirt

wip took the frog out of the pool to bask in the sun

we had few cocktails

we ate large popsicles 

we got a new kickboard and goggles {spiderman, of course}

if it is sunday we are eating ciabatta bread and drinking lineage coffee

we had lunch with a former student {love this kid}

until next month {i promise to try and post more!}