2015 Sea Island

Monday, July 27, 2015

This picture pretty much captures our time in Sea Island this summer. Happy. Here is a little photo timeline to prove my point...
We escaped for a weekend with the Avett Brothers at the Southern Grown festival
It was beautiful night

Father and Son (and some people taking a nap)

I got to hang with a new friend (that I adore!)

No longer a kid free trip...this time we took the boys but stopped in St. Augustine at a gourmet popsicle shop...YUM!
Reach for the sky
Zoned out with his Lego instruction book (never leaves home without it)
Duncan meeting his horse
The boys had a blast horseback riding...Wip would say "it is so hot...but I LOVE IT, there are so many flys...but IT IS SO MUCH FUN" {cracking me up}

so happy together


Well that was fun.
William finally arrived and the party officially started. The boys just bossed him around like crazy..."William eat this, come in the playroom, do this, do that" He was such a good sport.
Then there was this little precious bundle of sweetness

The boys watching Pete's Dragon (terrible and loooooong)
I want to hold your hand~Beetles

Now I am going to hug you 
Now I am going to hold you
Silly girl

We took the boys to get a little FRYO...delicious
Might be my most favorite picture of the entire week...LOVE.
Dancing to a little shake it off

Francie is like "oh great...here we go again".
Snow Cones with new friends
Sharing is caring
Game room fun
This was D walking home from the beach club...my little sloth
Let the 4th fun begin! 
Ready to see some floats
On the lookout for candy!

Little lady bug 
it was a little warm
Time for a dip!
Ocean Forrest for a REALLY good time
I'm gonna get you 
Oh yeah, and SNOW! 

Then the rain came

But the silliness stayed
Then it stopped raining
Back to the snow

The boys first fireworks!
Back again
I love how Duncan is looking up to Wip

Whoa kid...you have a big hand.

Until next time